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Weight Loss

Do you try to lose weight, but can’t stick to the diet and then crave foods you don’t even like? Do you feel depressed about your lack of will-power and then sabotage your efforts? Maybe your weight goes up and down: you reach your goal, but can’t maintain it, so you’re always heavier and more depressed when you start another diet.

I’ve helped many clients lose weight – my approach is different from traditional weight loss organisations.

I run a weight loss group to give you the support and encouragement you need to succeed. I also offer the hypno gastric band to help you achieve your goals.

I can help you lose weight and stay slim by giving you the knowledge and tools to get control over your food. Through our work together, you’ll understand your attitudes to food, the triggers that make you eat and how to address them. My program also lets you see how food is tied to your emotions and how you can break those unhelpful or negative connections.

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