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Coping with Exam Stress

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As our children approach the ‘exam’ time of year, it is crucial to keep an eye on their anxiety levels.  Anxiety can lead to poor academic performance and under-achievement, even in the most capable of students.

When children get stressed and worried, their sleep can be disturbed, which leads to irritability and an inability to focus. This in turn can cause panic and has been known to lead to depression in some cases.

It is important to remember that this stressful period WON’T last for ever, and that once the exams are over, the stress will ease.  It’s also worth highlighting that a moderate degree of stress gives us a rush of adrenaline which boosts our ability to get things done.  However, it is all about finding the right balance and learning to manage stress effectively so that it doesn’t take over and have a negative effect.

We must also be mindful of our own stress levels and managing these for the sake of our own health, whether we have children going through exams or not.

Here are my top tips for helping to manage stress levels in both ourselves and our children.  If you have children undergoing exams, please consider printing these tips and letting them read them for themselves, as this will be far more effective than trying to tell them what to do!

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